Vegan and vegetarian t-shirts, tote bags, and buttons.


Tote Bags

Vegetable Slut Punk Tote

You love your vegetables and you'll do whatever it takes to get them.
Lying, cheating, stealing, shoving, and total anarchy are all fair game whilst grocery shopping ;)
Hand screened pink and yellow design on a black 100% cotton 15"x16" canvas tote.
Never mind the bollocks.. here's the Vegetable Slut tote bag!
$16.00 USD

Vegan As Fuck Tote

Sometimes your non-vegan friends call you "militant" or "a total buzzkill"...
but don't sweat it because you're keeping it real and you know the truth.
Hand screened green and white design on a
black 100% cotton 15"x16" canvas tote
How much more vegan could you be?!? The answer is none. None more vegan.

$16.00 USD

Vegan Lightning Bolt Tote

Faster than an omnivore, more willpower than a vegetarian, and able to out-debate
anyone about the cruelty of the dairy industry. H
and screened green design on a natural 100% cotton
13"x14" canvas
tote with contrasting handles. Flash... a-ahh, save every one of us!
$16.00 USD